Technology & Safety

On-Board Cameras

SMS Transportation always strives to have the technology at the forefront of the industry, and we have implemented SmartDrive On-Board Recording Devices. The SmartRecorder is an exception-based recording system. When triggered, the system is designed to capture audio and video inside and outside the vehicle.

Real-time Tracking

SMS uses the Trimble Fleet Management to manage our fleet with live map, real-time visibility of each vehicles location, status and diagnostics. This allows for on-demand information, activity reports and exception alerts. With the ability to monitor drviers, we can ensure regulatory compliance and the highest standard of safe driving.

Extensive Safety Program

It is the goal of SMS to provide a safe and healthful working environment for everyone involved, and all staff must believe, commit to, and impress upon others the ethic that no job, is so important or so urgent that one cannot take time to perform that function safely and in compliance with CHP, DOT, FTA, federal, local and state regulations.